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Trak Fitness

Trak Fitness TrakHandle Sport (pack of 2)

Trak Fitness TrakHandle Sport (pack of 2)

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TrakHandle Sport handles are the only rotating cable attachment exercise handles that include their patented 3-axis rotation which allows unrestricted multi-plane movement throughout any exercise, making them the most functionally advanced cable attachment handles available.

Trak Fitness handles enable the body’s natural rotational movements allowing the user to more effectively achieve their fitness goals while reducing the risk of injury.

•Maximize results with full range of motion, rotational movements.

•Improve the functionality of cable machines with new exercises.

•Reduce injuries with natural, ergonomically correct movements.

The TrakHandle Sport is the standard of excellence in the Fitness equipment industry. Use the TrakHandle Sport to improve the functionality of any cable exercise machine including cable crossovers, functional trainers, Pilates equipment, Total Gyms, resistance bands, suspension trainers and more.

The TrakHandle Sport is built to withstand commercial gym settings and support up to 150 lbs.

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