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Top Fitness Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar

Top Fitness Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar

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Introducing the Top Fitness Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar, the ultimate solution for upper body resistance training. Widely regarded as one of the best upper body workouts, chin-ups offer unparalleled functional value that cannot be matched by any other exercise.

When you engage in chin-ups, you're not only building a strong back and biceps but also giving your abdominals, chest, and grip a challenging workout. This versatile piece of equipment goes beyond its primary purpose as a chin-up bar. It doubles as a valuable anchor for rings, bands, or a suspension trainer, expanding its utility and making it an indispensable addition to any gym.

Built with meticulous precision, the Top Fitness Chin Up Bar ensures a secure and stable experience. By bolting it flush to the support brackets, we've eliminated any play or movement, delivering a rock-solid fixture that can handle your workouts without compromise.

For wall-mounted installation, the assembled size measures W48" x H23" x D23". 

**ATTN: How and what the rack is secured to on the wall should be checked by a contractor. Depending on the wall type and how it was secured will depend on if the wall can take that stress or load.
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