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Top Fitness Treadmill / Elliptical Mat (36" x 90")

Top Fitness Treadmill / Elliptical Mat (36" x 90")

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  • Commercial-Quality Solid PVC
  • Protects your floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts
  • Prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts
  • Dampens vibrations and muffles noises so family and neighbors are not disturbed
  • Cleans easily with damp cloth

Protect your floors from unwanted odors and stains that come from sweat and spills with our 1/8″ solid vinyl mat. Machine grindings, belt dust, and leaking lubricants can permanently damage any floor. Our mats help reduce vibration while keeping dust and carpet lint at a minimum. Our mats extend the life of your equipment! Cost effective and ideal for home and commercial use!

Mat Size: 36" x 90"

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