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Precor Vitality Series Accessory Racks (VBR 6820)

Precor Vitality Series Accessory Racks (VBR 6820)

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The Precor Vitality Series line of Utility Racks is the storage solution that will bring order to chaos for your kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, foam rollers, and other accessories while also lending a premium look to your home gym. 


Precor's 2-tier Utility Rack can hold up to 14 pairs of kettlebells or other accessories and creates a dedicated space for those popular weight training accessories that are often misplaced.


From the top down, this space-efficient Accessories Storage Rack can hold one large yoga ball, one small yoga ball, one Bosu ball, up to four medicine balls or 8 slam balls, and up to 4 foam rollers or rolled mats.

*Weights and accessories are used for illustration purposes and are not included in your purchase.

Specifications (2-Tier Shelf & Accessory Rack)

Dimensions* (L x W x H): 65 x 30 x 69 in / 165 x 76 x 175 cm

Product Weight: 95 lb / 43 kg

Max Storage Weight: Top rack 30 lb / 14 kg; middle and side racks 60 lb / 27 kg each

Specifications (2-Tier Shelf Only)

Dimensions* (L x W x H): 48 x 30 x 23 in / 122 x 76 x 57 cm

Product Weight: 86 lb / 39 kg

Max Storage Weight Per Shelf: 280 lb / 127 kg

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