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Precor Resolute Dip / Chin Assist (RMS0320)

Precor Resolute Dip / Chin Assist (RMS0320)

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The Precor Resolute (formerly Icarian 320) Dip/Chin Assist machine is great for building up the strength to do unassisted dips and pull-ups! The multiple different workout options this machine gives are unmatched!

Oversized steps, a comfortable knee pad, rotating dip handles and multiple-position pull-up handles are part of the highly versatile 320 Dip/Chin Assist. The knee pad flips up out of the way for unassisted exercises. A linear bearing mechanism assures smoothness and durability.

  • One Machine with Two Options: This machine allows for either weighted or unweighted workouts through the pull of a lever. The knee pad is where all the weight is centralized to for both dips and pull-ups.
  • Multi-Grip Angles: The pull-up handles offer both closer grip with palms facing inwards and also wide grip with palms facing outwards. As for the dip handles, they pivot both in and out to allow for a wider grip or closer depending on what the user finds most comfortable. 
  • Weight Stack: The weight stack this machine comes with is 340 pounds. This allows for 340 pounds of resistance to be added to your workout. As your progress, that weight goes down and down to allow for eventual unweighted dips and pull-ups.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 68 x 58 x 94 in (148 x 135 x 237 cm)

Weight 623 lb (283 kg)*

*Weight based on a standard weight stack

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