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Precor Icarian FTS Functional Training Workstation

Precor Icarian FTS Functional Training Workstation

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Weight Stacks

The Icarian® FTS Functional Training System is a highly flexible apparatus ideal for functional strength training. Literally dozens of upper and lower body exercises can be performed. The FTS Functional Training System is of the highest commercial-quality construction, using a durable cable-and-pulley design for application of resistance, captured inside the signature Icarian 2x4-inch (50 x 100 mm) bent-steel frame construction. The adjustable pulley carriages permit users freedom of movement. The adjustments are intuitive, simple and easy to use.

  • Dual weight stacks with a lift ratio of 2:1
  • User-friendly pulley adjustments offer 24 start positions
  • Pull up bar for added variety
Optional Heavy Weight Stack

Standard dual weight stacks: 150 lb (68 kg) each; Optional dual heavy weight stacks 200 lb (91 kg) each.

Pulley Adjustments

This unit fits every user for many different exercises with its adjustable height options on the pulleys.

Pull Up Bar

The center pull up allows for added variety while maintaining space efficiency.

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