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Precor Icarian 4-Stack Multi-Station Gym (CW2163)

Precor Icarian 4-Stack Multi-Station Gym (CW2163)

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The 4-Stack CW2163 is an Icarian® multi-station focuses on upper body with a pull down, long pull, dip-chin assist and triceps push down . This piece is space efficient and easy for all types of exercisers.  Our Icarian products are highly durable, a long lasting investment for your facility.

Product Features:

  • Pull down, long pull, dip-chin assist, triceps push down
  • Easy for all types of users
  • Space efficient and moveable

Approachable & Intuitive - With low profile weight stack tower, QR codes with instructional videos and ergonomic design, this line will welcome every exerciser and allow them to get started without a hitch.

Part of a Complete Package - All the design and performance qualities are consistent to that of our cardio products, giving you the ability to provide a fluid exerciser experience.

Built to Perform Long Term - Heavy powder-coated steel, oversized welded frames and industrial grade upholstery guarantees these strength pieces will be long-time members in your facility.

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