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Octane xR6000s Recumbent Elliptical

Octane xR6000s Recumbent Elliptical

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Offer comfortable challenges and variety in workouts with the unique Octane xR6000s recumbent elliptical, which delivers incredible effectiveness to exercisers of different ages and fitness levels.

  • Comfortable swivel seat
  • PowerStroke technology
  • Active seat position for optimal comfort
  • Convenient step-through design
  • Upper/Lower Body Isolation

Powerstroke Technology

The defining feature that sets the Octane xR6000s recumbent elliptical apart from recumbent bikes is Octane’s 16″PowerStroke technology. PowerStroke allows for optimal leg extension and power drive, delivering  more muscle engagement. Due to its innovative design, xRide users demonstrate more activity in their glutes and have the potential forincreased caloric burn during workouts.

Comfortable Swivel Seat

To maximize ease of entry and exit, the swivel seat on the xR6000S turns +/-210 degrees. This feature provides accommodation for exercisers of different abilities and ages, particularly when getting on and off the machine.

Active Seat Position

The oversized, cushioned seat is set at a 45-degree angle, creating a greater range of motion and less stress on the body. The seat includes height adjustments, tilt settings, and powerful leverage points for muscular conditioning.

Step-Through Design

With a convenient step-through design, and a new handlebar front pivot point, the xRide offers open access. Combine that with an oversized platform that provides a firm foundation, it allows exercisers to easily get on and off the machine.

Full body Activation

Users can complete total-body workouts, or exclusively target their upper or lower body during intervals for variety.

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