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Helix 3D Lateral Trainer H1000-3D

Helix 3D Lateral Trainer H1000-3D

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The most effective, most knee-safe cardio ever built just got an upgrade: Live Classes, Web Surfing & Netflix bingeing directly on the console.

NEW FOR 2023! The Helix Digital Essential Lateral Trainer (model number H1000-3D) features an upgraded touchscreen console with an integrated Android® powered, Bluetooth® enabled tablet allowing users to web surf, watch favorite programming and take live or on-demand classes on the Helix@Home App. By training more muscle groups and creating more activation within them, Helix® burns more fat and delivers faster results compared to traditional cardio…all while safely strengthening the muscles that support knee health. The Digital Essential Lateral Trainer features the patented technology that’s used by physical therapists and has been shown in over a decade of clinical studies to be beneficial for long term knee health by zeroing in on vital supportive muscles that other cardio largely ignores — like key knee support muscle the Gluteus Medius — and by increasing circulation and blood flow to the joints in a gentle, non-impact motion.

• Premium Touch Console Residential Lateral Trainer

• 10" Connected Tablet with adjustable console angle

• Android® powered, Bluetooth® enabled

• Embedded Helix@Home app

• 12 Exercise Programs including Random

• 20 Levels of Electronically Controlled Resistance

• Polar™ compatible

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