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BodyKore Universal Trainer (MX1162)

BodyKore Universal Trainer (MX1162)

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Optional Bench
Optional Preacher Curl (Requires MX1169 Bench)
Optional Leg Ext/Curl (Requires MX1169 Bench)

The BodyKore Universal Trainer is a comprehensive home gym machine that allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises to achieve your fitness goals. It features a dual adjustable pulley system, a smith machine, multi-grip pull-up bars, weight pegs and bar storage, and an inverted leg press add-on. Constructed with heavy gauge rolled steel tubing, high-quality cables and pulleys, and a counterbalanced bar for the Smith Machine, this versatile unit offers smooth and controlled workouts. It also comes with two 220 lb steel stack weight plate sets, giving you a wide range of weight options for diverse sets of exercises. With this all-in-one machine, you can easily get a full-body workout from the comfort of your home.


  • 2 handles
  • Tricep bar
  • Lat pull down bar
  • Ankle strap
  • J hooks
  • Spotter arms
  • Landmine
  • Dip bar
  • Lat seat
  • Leg press plate
  • Band pegs


  • MX1169 Adjustable Bench ($520)
  • MX1169 Preacher Curl Attachment ($100)
  • MX1169 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment ($150)
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