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24" x 24" Regupol Activlok Interlocking Rubber Tile (Border)

24" x 24" Regupol Activlok Interlocking Rubber Tile (Border)

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Regupol's popular Aktiv sports and fitness roll flooring is also available in interlocking tiles and fittingly called REGUPOL Aktivlok. Each 3/8-inch x 24-inch x 24-inch recycled rubber tile interlocks with a fit so precise, its seams are virtually invisible. It is performance tested to standup to the heaviest traffic and will protect the floor underneath from heavy weightlifting and workout equipment, making Aktivlok ideal for weight rooms, fitness centers, and even home gyms. Very simple to assemble, Aktivlok rubber gym tiles fit together like puzzle pieces, offering a genuine do-it-yourself installation as well as savings on labor.

REGUPOL Aktivlok can be used to create an entire fitness floor. Center, border, and corner tiles allow for a finsihed look whether covering a specific area within a room or laying the tiles wall-to-wall. No adhesive is required allowing for tiles to be easiy moved or repositioned.

3/8-in x 24-in x24-in
(Available in Borders, Centers, & Corners)

Energy Restitution 85%
Force Reduction 12.9%

  • Loose lay tiles for simple installation
  • Easy to move, store, and reuse tiles
  • No adhesive required
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Low odor
  • Slip resistant, wet or dry
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Virtually seamless appearance
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