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True Alpine Runner Incline Trainer

True Alpine Runner Incline Trainer

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The ultimate example in True's commitment to excellence, the TRUE Alpine Runner Incline Trainer delivers a dynamic workout while being easy to monitor and maintain.

Features of the Alpine Runner, such as the custom programs of the Monument Workouts, keep you engaged with the workouts. Studies show that the Alpine Runner is more effective at burning fat and calories than a standard treadmill.

Achieve your toughest fitness goals with the perfect combination of traditional treadmill and incline trainer, giving you a unique and more efficient workout experience.

  • Patented Incline System reduces motor wear and tear over time
  • Dual Brake for a reliable workout performance
  • Deck Cushioning System relieves impact on joints
  • Vertical Upper Handgrips provide support at even the highest inclines
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Access numerous entertainment options, workouts, and more on a beautiful 16" touchscreen. Compatible with Apple® Watch, connects wirelessly to track data like heart rate, calories, speed, and more. Provide a premium level of personal entertainment and viewing on a crystal clear 16" integrated LCD screen with integrated TV capabilities. A smaller 9" touchscreen with simpler technology and features. Simple and functional, giving your workout a head start. Take your treadmill to the next level with high-intensity interval training.
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