Waterrower Information

Long recognized as producing the purest, most realistic simulator of on-water rowing, WaterRower has been dedicated to handcrafting rowing machines of exceptional quality and design since 1988.

Benefits of the WaterRower

  • A Lifelong Investment - The WaterRower in either wood or metal construction is engineered for life, making it the perfect investment for your health.
  • Unique WaterFlywheel Resistance - Infinitely variable, smooth and natural, te WaterRower's self-regulating resistance is suitable for any user.
  • Award Winning Design - The WaterRower has won design industry accolades and has been exhibited at London's Museum of Design
  • Soothingly Silent - The WaterRower is designed to be non-intrusive, distinctly quieter than air resistance rowers, mechanical treadmills, and other cardio equipment.
  • Minimal Space - The WaterRower has a surprisingly compact footprint and stores conveniently upright when not in use.
  • Low Maintenance - Unlike chain driven air rowing machines, there is no need to oil chains or clean vents. Each WaterRower comes supported by an extensive factory backed warranty.
  • No Running Costs - With no external power cord required, you can workout wherever you want.
  • Ethically Produced - Handcrafted in the USA fromm sustainably managed Appalachian Forest hardwoods.
  • Performance Monitor - Designed to be simple to operate with a QuickStart function, while offering a feature-rich range of advanced options for users that desire more information.


The Ultimate Cross Trainer

  • The WaterRower exercises all major muscle groups uniformly, making it the most efficient aerobic workout available.
  • The WaterRower's fluid, even stroke is superior in its natural replication of on-water rowing, eliminating the unpleasant mechanical fatigue associated with conventional rowing machines.
  • Other common aerobic exercise quipment such as treadmills, cycles, and ellipticals use considerably less muscle mass, burn fewer calories and generate less exercise benefit.
  • Burn in excess of 1,000 calories per hour
  • Work 84% of your muscle mass
  • Target core muscles and strengthen posture, helping to reduce back ailments
  • Work joints through a full range of motion, improving joint health an flexibility
  • Seated, non-load-bearing and low impact; rowing removes stress on the injury-prone joints of the ankles, knees and hips

Includes Series 4 performance monitor

Superb Design

Award Winning Design - The WaterRower has been designed to set it apart from other fitness equipment, featuring an attention to detail unseen in other exercise equipment (learn more about award winning design)

Refined Design - The WaterRower has been designed to set it apart from other fitness equipment, featuring an attention to design refinement unseen in other exercise equipment.

Hand Crafting - WaterRower’s wooden models are handcrafted from a selection of the world’s finest hard woods (Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Beech and Oak).. Each model is hand finished and coated with Danish oil giving it a deep penetrating Lustre (Learn more about Handcrafting)

Sustainably Eco-Friendly - all our wooden models are crafted from the finest Appalachian hardwoods sourced ONLY from replenishable forests (learn more about Appalachian forests)

Fits Your Life

Styled to Compliment your Environment - There is a WaterRower model to compliment any environment, Home, Office or Gym. Soothingly Silent The WaterRower’s silent operation means it may be used anywhere, at any time without imposition on those around you. (view all Waterrower models) or click a model in the showcase above for details, specifications, and a 360 degree view.

Functional Fitness Furniture - Fitness is not a workout, it is a series of workouts spread conveniently throughout the weeks, months and years.

Stores with Ease - Good looks and a compact frame the WaterRower stores conveniently on end simply and easily when not in use. (Learn more about Ease of Storage)

Silent and Unintrusive - The WaterRower has been designed to be silent, with all but the soothing sound of moving water.

Fitness for the Family

Perfect Exercise - Rowing has long been recognized as the perfect aerobic pursuit; working 84% of your muscle mass, Spreading the work evenly over all major muscle groups, the WaterRower is unrivalled in its replication of the real thing.(read more on the Perfect Exercise)

Self-Regulating Resistance - WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel’s varies resistance proportional to the users intensity of exercise, according to the Rule of Cubes, allowing any user of any age and fitness level to use the machine with no adjustment (read more on the Rule of Cubes)

Suitable for ANY User - Suiting the requirement of any user, young or old, fit or unfit, male or female, even a short workout will burn calories, tone your body, and leave you feeling enriched.

Row Anytime - The WaterRower is silent but for the soothing sound of flowing water making it available to use at any time and in almost any place

Stay Motivated

Workout Monitoring - There are currently three different monitors; The A1, the IndoRow and the S4 Monitor (read more about WaterRower monitors)

IndoRow Monitor
A1 Montor
S4 Monitor
Monitor Comparisons

We-Row - WaterRowers unique community based training program allows you to train with others using the convenience of the internet. You will never train alone again! (requires S2 monitor of higher) (read more on We-Row)

Other Software - WaterRower’s open source software philosophy has encouraged development of a wide variety of software over the years. The most notable is Netathlon VR (read more on Netathlon)

WaterRowers are shipped partially disassembled for protection and shipped in two or three boxes, depending on the model.