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With decades of experience in the equipment industry, the people behind the Cascade brand are responsible for some of the very best equipment ever produced. With this expertise, it should come as no surprise that they continue to evolve and create industry leading products across various categories.

While self powered treadmills can be traced back thousands of years, they have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. However the challenge with many of these new manual treadmills is that they can be hard to control. Due to the components and design used, moving just a little too far forward or too far back dramatically affects the speed of the belt (which can prove problematic for many users), and most offer a less than ideal belt size. Say hello to the Ultra Runner Plus from Cascade.

As one of the most comfortable treadmills we have ever used (motorized and non-motorized alike), the Ultra Runner Plus offers;

  • 6 levels of magnetic resistance
  • one of the most generous “sweet spots” for easier speed control
  • unlimited air resistance
  • console with multiple interval programs
  • multi-position handle bars (perfect for walking, jogging running + sled push)
  • premium anti-slip 63” x 19” curved running surface
  • wireless heart rate

If we had $5,000 to invest in a high quality, long lasting treadmill, that combines brains and brawn, the Cascade Ultra Runner Plus would be it. Hands down it is one of the very best treadmills on the market today and the 2021 FIT PROF BEST non-motorized treadmill!

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