The Worst Mistakes You’re Making on a Treadmill

The Worst Mistakes You’re Making on a Treadmill

Running on a treadmill is a far different experience than completing your cardio outside. There are many benefits, but you may be making some mistakes that can result in a serious injury. To avoid these issues, discover the worst mistakes you’re making on a treadmill.

Not Wearing the Safety Clip

Treadmills are great because running on them is better for your joints than running outside. Treadmills also have a safety clip that ensures that you don’t injure yourself if you fall, but some don’t wear it—don't be that person.

Running Too Close to the Front

The next mistake people tend to make is running too close to the front of the treadmill’s belt. Running in the middle is a much better option because you avoid hitting the display. Doing so could trip you up, potentially stopping your workout, breaking your stride, or even causing you serious injury.

Not Challenging Yourself

Treadmills have some incredible features that allow you to increase the incline or speed, but some people choose not to use them. An incline mimics the terrain outside, which makes running harder but better for your body. The ability to increase your speed is also a huge benefit that can help you become more fit. Take advantage of the incline and speed features on your treadmill, and challenge yourself instead of being complacent—otherwise, you won’t see the progress you are looking for.

Holding on to the Bars

Treadmills typically come complete with bars on the side, but you shouldn’t be holding on to them during your workout. When you hold on to the rails, you don’t burn as many calories, and you throw off your posture. If you do find yourself holding on to the bars, slow the speed to improve your form and truly work out your body.

Looking at Your Feet

Looking down at your feet is another one of the worst mistakes you’re making on a treadmill. If you’re looking down instead of ahead, you’re once again throwing off your posture. This mistake also limited the amount of oxygen you can take it, which can hurt your performance. To fix this, all you need to do is look up and glance at the treadmill’s display.

Not Having a Treadmill

Not having a treadmill in the first place is a huge mistake because there are so many incredible features and benefits that you miss out on when you run outside. At Utah Home Fitness, you can find an awesome selection of quality Precor treadmills for sale. A treadmill is a must-have for any home gym, so invest in one today!

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