Must-Have Exercise Equipment for Your Home Gym

Must-Have Exercise Equipment for Your Home Gym

Many people are thinking about building a gym of their own since so many gyms are closed across the country for the foreseeable future. One common mistake people make when working out at home is using makeshift equipment that is not meant for working out, such as using lawn chairs for dips. However, when you are looking to build your own gym, it can be hard to find the right equipment that can fit both in your home and within your budget, which is why finding multi-purpose equipment is the key. Discover the must-have exercise equipment for your home gym below, so you can have a go-to way to stay fit during these times.  


While you could go for a run outside, not only do you have to worry about other people, but the weather can also disrupt your regular workout schedule. By getting a treadmill, you can get in your cardio without any exterior factors preventing you from getting it done.  

Smith Machine 

Most home gyms are limited in space, so don’t expect to replicate your local gym. What you should do instead is get yourself a Smith machine so you can get multiple uses out of one machine. With a Smith machine, you will be able to do bench presses, back and front squats, lat pulldowns, pull ups, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and so much more. Plus, a Smith machine is a great way to stay safe while you are working out on your own as well.  

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Plates 

A Smith machine is an excellent option to get a variety of different workouts done with the limited space you have. In addition to the Smith machine, no gym is complete without dumbbells, kettlebells, and plates. Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or get stronger-- you will almost certainly need to use free weights to reach your goals.  

Weight Bench 

Besides the machines and weights, you will also need a weight bench to help you complete certain workouts. It’s best to get a weight bench that allows you to adjust the seating, so you can do a wide variety of workouts.  

Yoga Matts 

Yoga and ab workouts are the perfect types of training you can do at home. These exercises don’t require much room and all you will need is a yoga matt.  A yoga matt is a must-have exercise equipment for you home gym, whether you need to do an ab circuit, yoga, stretching, or calisthenics.   

Here are the must-haves in exercise equipment for your home gym that will not only fit your space, but will also help you save and get the most out of its use.

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