How to Encourage Children to Exercise

How to Encourage Children to Exercise

Which physical activities do your children engage in when free? It's possible that they spend a lot of time on PlayStation or another video game console and, therefore, don't get physically active. In fact, in a group of three children, only one child is physically active. The Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S. says that early physical inactiveness can lead to health problems later.

However, if you visit any of the fitness stores Seattle has to offer, you'll find fitness equipment ideal for children. For example, a super small recumbent bike. The bike is enjoyable to use, and your child will increase their physical fitness every time they use it.

Nonetheless, if you don’t exercise, your children won't either. It is therefore essential to schedule a workout session at home where every member of the family will be involved. Let's look at how you can engage your children in your exercising routine.

1. Start With Doing House Chores Together

As long as a house chore doesn't involve using chemicals or dangerous equipment, ask your children to help. It is after engaging them in house chores that they will feel the desire to join you in exercising.

2. Join Them in What They Enjoy Doing

Learn what the children enjoy and join them in playing their games. Interact with them and introduce an active activity like dancing to music. At this time, you're involved with your children's lives, and they will feel connected to you.

It is at this point you should introduce other physical activities. In fact, find fitness stores Seattle and purchase equipment together. Let the children test various equipment before you buy them.

3. Schedule Fitness Activities

The house chores you do along with your children aren’t enough for an adult. You should perform at least 30 minutes of intensive exercise for you to be physically fit. Therefore, consider having home fitness equipment for both your child and you.

For instance, a treadmill can be used by anyone. However, if it’s your child using it, you should be there and adjust the rolling speed. Alternatively, if the child is under five, you can buy other fitness equipment they can easily use. For instance, there is a super small recumbent bike for kids. Fortunately, these pieces of equipment are affordable and available in the fitness stores Seattle has to offer.

Organize for your children to meet with your neighbor's children to exercise together. Parents understand the benefits of exercising, and thus, it won't be challenging to convince your neighbor for their children to join yours.

For example, the kids can start by cycling bicycles along the walk paths. Consequently, they can use cycling machines in the house during the winter. When you introduce an activity to your children when still young, they will adopt it as they grow. So, visit a sports store and find exercise equipment for kids and choose an ideal machine you will enjoy using.

4. Turn the Exercising Routine into a Competitive Activity

Children can get bored doing the same thing over again. But, you can customize the exercise routine so that it looks different each time they work out. If that doesn't work, make the exercise competitive whereby if the child does well, he will be rewarded. If the child has been using a recumbent bike, go back to fitness stores Seattle and find new equipment.

Encourage your child to exercise and promise to buy other enjoyable equipment. Besides buying new exercise equipment, reward the kids with a field trip after several weeks of exercising. It is essential to note that the exercise routine for your children shouldn't be as intense as adults'. In other words, they shouldn't exercise six days a week; otherwise, it will start feeling like a duty, and they will resist.

Why you should buy home fitness equipment

Most gyms don't allow children because of safety concerns. Moreover, gyms have heavy equipment, and it can be dangerous if children tried to use them. However, you have to keep your family physically healthy. For instance, if the level of cholesterol in your family members is high, you'll be paying more insurance premiums.

Therefore, find fitness stores Seattle and purchase exercise equipment for the family. Exercising together will be a bonding experience. Also, it’s a way of ensuring your family has exercise equipment available in the house and thus no excuses for failing to work out.

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