4 Tips for Keeping Your New Year Fitness Resolution

4 Tips for Keeping Your New Year Fitness Resolution

Being overweight affects not only your health, but your finances as well. If you're a woman whose weight is above healthy limits, your extra pounds are costing you $524 a year. If you're a man who's overweight, you're paying $432 a year. Obesity is even more costly: $4,879 for women and $2,646 for men per year.

If you want to change your shape in 2020, you'll have to find ways to stick to healthy habits. You may have every intention of using gym equipment or creating a home fitness routine, and you may be resolved to eat healthy foods, but you may have trouble following through on your plans. You may want to visit a sports store in Tacoma for advice on home fitness equipment and exercise gear. In the meantime, here are five tips to help you achieve your goals.

Tip 1: Make Realistic Goals

Many people take on an all-or-nothing mentality and set health goals that are way beyond their reach. At the beginning, they're driven to succeed, but if they've set themselves up to fail early on, they lose their motivation and return to unhealthy habits. You need to find room for your new regimen in your everyday life, rather than try to change your busy lifestyle to suit your goals. Figure out exactly which results you want and how you can realistically obtain those results.

You may want to aim high at first, but it's better to focus on small, attainable successes. Once you achieve a goal, it's easier to make it to the next goal. You'll build drive and willpower as you go, and you'll be more likely to make your new habit a regular part of your life.

For instance, maybe you want to start running daily, but you haven't exercised regularly in years. Visit a nearby sports store in Tacoma to learn about shoes that are good for speed walking and for running. Then, to build up your strength and stamina, try speed walking for twenty minutes a day, three days a week. This is a less strenuous activity and less likely to result in an injury that puts you right back on the couch. Most people can find twenty minutes a few days per week to exercise. Once this schedule becomes a habit, congratulate yourself, and then bump it up to five days a week. Continue speed walking a little longer each day until you feel ready to begin mixing in a minute or so of running at a time.

Tip 2: Change Your Environment

We all react to our environment in ways that may not be good for us. For example, you might attend a party, see a table laden with goodies, and find yourself overindulging in high-calorie snacks even though you aren't especially hungry.

You don't have control over what food is served at a party, but you do have control over what foods are in your home. Clear out the junk food from your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, and replace it with tasty alternatives. Again, be realistic: don't buy rice cakes to replace chocolate. Take your time in the grocery store, read labels for nutritional information, and buy wholesome food that appeals to you.

Tip 3: Spend Time with People Who Support Your Goals

Other people affect our habits. Spend time with friends and family members who have already formed good health habits: they'll be more likely to encourage you to develop your own good habits. Talk to the staff at a nearby sports store in Tacoma when you need an extra pep talk.

Tip 4: If You Miss a Goal, Keep Going

When building toward achieving a fitness goal, no one does it perfectly. The people who go on to succeed after backsliding are the ones who continue pursuing their goal. They figure out what got in their way and how to prevent it from interfering in the future. A single mistake doesn't mean you have failed altogether and should just give up. It's a signal that you need to adjust your health regimen so that it works for you.

Pay a visit to a nearby sports store in Tacoma to get some positive reinforcement from friendly, supportive people who are devoted to healthy lifestyles.

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